Learn how to use the other 95% of your mind.


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Cschool is designed to help you harness the power and perfection of the OTHER 95% of your consciousness in a way that leaves you inspired, prepared, and ready for what is coming next in our society, and the world at large.

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10 Audios for children ages 5+ designed by Educalme to teach kids the principles of Cschool in a way they can apply and understand in their own lives

What People Are Saying

Judy Tsuei


“Whenever we all light up in our own ways, we illuminate the path for every woman to do the same.”

Preston Pugmire

Sugar City, Idaho

“I can take my life to the
next level in all aspects.”

Katie Phillipson

Huntington Beach, CA

“I feel like this has set my life on a new trajectory that I could not have anticipated without Cschool.”

Meet Jess

After years of deep study, I came to the realization that the most foundational and transformational factors affecting our life experiences belong to the realm of thoughts and emotions.

Likewise, leading-edge science is currently uncovering the connection and power our brain states, thoughts, and emotions have on our health, chronic disease, wellbeing, creativity, and the depth and connection in our relationships. Fascinated by these scientific discoveries, I traveled the world and dove into neurology, biology, consciousness, geology, the subconscious, and quantum mechanics with leading-edge thinkers, doctors, and scientists. I developed a deep understanding of how we can literally re-wire our brains to get the results we want. Cschool distills these leading-edge insights into the most easy-to-understand and apply framework in the field of consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Who can attend Cschool?

Anyone! CSCHOOL is open to everyone looking to learn more about their conscious and sub-conscious mind — and want to use them deliberately.

• I’m confused. Is Cschool the same thing as LWIO or FWIO?

Cschool is unlike Life With Intention Online (LWIO) or Flow With Intention Online (FWIO), Jess Lively’s other online courses. Cschool gives you practical understanding and tools to help you understand the workings of your mind’s various brain states. It shows you how to navigate your life utilizing the ideal brain state for each activity. Cschool teaches you how to: transform unhelpful personality habits and behaviors, channel creativity in your work or personal life, deal with a cranky toddler, and release old emotional blocks and stories.

FWIO and LWIO are like deep dives into specific facets and aspects of consciousness, however they do not tie the science, brain wave states, and broader perspective of our mind together the way that Cschool does.

• Is Cschool live or can I start right away?

Cschool was originally held live in Sydney, Australia, but was filmed and produced with the intent for it to be available to everyone in an online course format.

• Who do I contact for questions?

If you have any other questions please contact hello@cschool.io and we will get back to you within 48 hours.